Kentucky English Bulletin Editorial Board

Elizabeth G. Dinkins, Ph.D., Bellarmine University

Winn Crenshaw Wheeler, Ph.D., Bellarmine University

Kentucky English Bulletin Reviewers

Dominique Clayton, Ph.D., Bellarmine University

Jonathan Cullick, Ph.D., Northern Kentucky University

Kristie Ennis, Ph.D., Teacher Educator, Consultant, President, KCTE

Heather Fox, Ph.D., Eastern Kentucky University

Natalie Sajko, Ph.D., Fairdale Elementary School, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Eileen Shanahan, Ph.D., Northern Kentucky University

Patti Slagle, Retired Educator, Treasurer, KCTE

Jean Wolph, Retired Educator, Director, Kentucky Writing Project

Stephanie Van Eps, Ph.D., Longfellow Elementary and Pierce Park Elementary, Boise, Idaho

Kentucky English Bulletin Editorial Director

Eve Lee, M.A.C., Bellarmine University

If you are interested in serving as a reviewer for KEB, please send an email to Dr. Winn Wheeler at wwheeler@bellarmine.edu. Please include your experience and areas of interest.