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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Donna and Allan Lansing School of Nursing and Health Sciences



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Linda B. Cain


The cost of fall injuries for both nursing homes and patients can be staggering. Facilities can incur large financial penalties following notices of severe deficiencies from regulatory agencies and will incur substantial legal fees in the event of a wrongful injury or death lawsuit. Patients injured in falls are at risk of increased financial costs for care in the nursing home as well as a lower quality of life. They are likely to incur co-pay or coinsurance costs for care by physicians and other professional services, and costs for rehabilitative services, out of pocket expenses, medical equipment, prescription drugs, and hospitalization fees. They are at risk for symptoms of depression, fractures, and need for increased pain medications; some may develop a fear of standing. Not all risk factors for falls and fall related injuries in the elderly can be changed. However, there are risk factors that can be modified. Evidence based fall prevention programs that include individualized interventions and the participation of all nursing home staff are needed to effect these changes and reduce falls.