Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

School Name

Annsley Frazier Thornton School of Education



Major Advisor

Dr. Grant Smith

Second Advisor

Dr. Mary Ann Cahill

Third Advisor

Dr. Amy Lein


Test anxiety is a growing concern for students as it can negatively impact student performance. Mindfulness is a practice of focused breathing meditation intended to increase awareness of oneself and the present moment and decrease anxiety. With the recent increase in mindfulness practices in schools, this research examines the potential impact of mindfulness-based cognitive practice on anxiety levels, test anxiety, and standardized test scores through the use of the ACT standardized placement test, the TAI-G, a self-administered Test Anxiety Inventory, and the Biodot, a device measuring physiological indications of anxiety. Using analysis of variance and paired samples t-tests, a significant reduction in anxiety levels after mindfulness exercises were identified; however, no differences in standardized test scores or self-reported anxiety emerged. The significant impact of mindfulness on anxiety levels during individual sessions and the potential for significance over time merit further research.