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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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College of Health Professions


Health Professions

Major Advisor

Dr. Barbara Jackson

Second Advisor

Dr. Kristin Cook

Third Advisor

Dr. Grant Smith


Demand for Anatomy and Physiology (AP) courses is increasing with the popularity of health care professions in the United States. Institutions are adopting blended mode of delivery in AP classes for its practicality. This mode allows implementation of multimodal pedagogy in the curriculum. Hence, students get to choose the resource that matches their learning preferences; understanding student needs is instrumental in enhancing learning experiences in any course. This study aimed to assess the impact of audio-visual interactive media (AVIM) on performance and satisfaction in the virtual lectures of blended AP courses. This study was conducted in two blended AP courses at a two-year community college in the Midwestern United States using a mixed methods interventional case study approach with an A-B crossover design. Data were collected from computer-graded exams, two student satisfaction surveys, AVIM completion exit questions, and interviews. Multifactorial Analysis of Variances (ANOVA) between the groups showed statistically significant interaction effects. A paired sample t-test showed a statistically significant difference in exam scores between the control and treatment groups, with a mean increase of 5.03 percent after intervention. The survey results revealed higher satisfaction with all the learning resources; interactions and extra resources were identified as crucial factors in promoting effective learning. Furthermore, the data suggested that students benefit from multimodal pedagogy; retain information via repetition. Additionally, instructor guidance and presence enhanced satisfaction. Recommendations are made for instructors, instructional designers, students and future studies based on these findings such as resources that provide options for repetitions.

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