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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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College of Health Professions


Health Professions

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Dr. Kim Hawkins

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Dr. Kelly Ruppel

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Dr. Laura McIlvoy


Debriefing is a crucial aspect of healthcare simulation. This portion of the simulation experience encompasses the vast majority of student learning and reflection that takes place, and increases skills such as communication, clinical reasoning, and critical thinking. Traditionally debriefing is performed at the end of a clinical simulation experience after the simulation experience has concluded. In the maternal-newborn setting, there are often two phases of simulation. First is the care of the laboring mother and second is the delivery and care of the newborn. This study explored the effects of completing a mid-simulation debriefing in a maternal newborn simulation at one Midwestern public university with 40 BSN junior level students. Findings demonstrated an increase in confidence nearly two times higher in those who received a mid-simulation debriefing than those who did not. The findings also include a higher rate of behavior observations completed in students who received the mid-simulation debriefing. These findings encourage the multiple phase debriefing for future simulations.

Available for download on Sunday, November 10, 2024