Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

School Name

Donna and Allan Lansing School of Nursing and Health Sciences



Major Advisor

Dr Barbara Jackson

Second Advisor

Dr Heather Owens

Third Advisor

Dr Chris Webb


Background: Despite research efforts to address health disparities within immigrant communities, immigrant health continues to lack the attention from healthcare stakeholders it needs. Many immigrants already face dire health threats like extreme poverty, political unrest, and mental health concerns in their countries of origin, making them even more vulnerable to poor physical, mental, and social health outcomes upon arrival to the United States (U.S.). The purpose of this project was to improve patient satisfaction and increase immigrant use of preventative care by utilizing appropriate interpreter services. Method: The Quality improvement (QI) project involved surveying limited English proficiency (LEP) immigrants older than 25 years using a standardized patient satisfaction survey instrument that was administered with the help of an interpreter over a period of 3 months at a primary care clinic in Louisville. Results: Outcomes measured in this project includes patient satisfaction with healthcare services in a primary care clinic and use of preventative services. Associations were analyzed using nonparametric tests and the correlation between patient satisfaction and increase in use of preventative services was not conclusive due to limited data. Although the impact of the intervention could not be fully evaluated, patients’ satisfaction was high after implementation. Discussion: Language barriers can adversely impact access to care, incumber care quality, and be damaging to the health outcomes of those with LEP thereby affecting patients’ satisfaction. Patient’s satisfaction with communication impacts preventative health service use. Conclusion: Additional longitudinal studies are needed to truly ascertain the impact of patient satisfaction on the use of preventative health services amongst LEP immigrant population.