Date of Project


Document Type

Honors Thesis

School Name

College of Arts and Sciences


Global Languages and Cultures

Major Advisor

Dr. Frank Hutchins

Second Advisor

Dr. Jakia Marie

Third Advisor

Dr. David Domine


This thesis investigates the alternative policing strategy known as Prevention Through Deterrence affecting undocumented migrants at the United States Southern Border. By forcing migrants into the Sonoran Desert, they are subject to countless dangers along their immigration attempt, and in many cases death, as a means to eliminate these “unwanted figures” from the public eye. The policies that comprise Prevention Through Deterrence have been in effect since the 1990’s, but the prevention of certain people from effectively immigrating to the United States has been occurring for just about the entire history of our country. The fact that it is still occurring on such a large scale shows that there have not been many changes within the sentiment of a government who claims to be making large strides in their human rights policies and perspectives, as well as the mentality of citizens of a country who largely feels that they are more progressive than other nations who cause many of the same human rights violations, without taking any accountability for their actions. Through the perpetuation of human rights violations, as well as the repetition of mentalities and policies throughout history, this policy is not acting in a vacuum, but rather the newest phase in the evolution of the prevention of immigration.