Date of Project


Document Type

Honors Thesis

School Name

College of Arts and Sciences



Major Advisor

Kathryn West

Second Advisor

Megan Burnett

Third Advisor

Fredrick Smock


The story takes place in a quiet town and follows two high school juniors, Jerome-Tyler Hodges and McKenna McKinley. Having no prior affiliation with one another, Jerome and McKenna find themselves caught in the predicament of having switched bodies after an unforeseen comet crashes on the roof of their high school. Not wanting to attract the wrong kind of attention, the two decide to weather the storm and spend some time in each other’s shoes, in hopes of the issue resolving itself. Despite living in the same town and going to the same school, Jerome and McKenna have lived different lives and have to navigate environments that they are unfamiliar with. What happens when we are taken outside of ourselves and forced to view the world through someone else experiences? While pretending to be someone else in action, what effect does this have on your thoughts? How does this new discovery of what the world is for someone else affect your perception of yourself and your personality? These are some of the questions present in the story. I think it important to reflect on these questions because when writing about body-swapping, you are talking about introspection and showing some kind of acknowledgment that our differences should be respected.