Date of Project


Document Type

Honors Thesis

School Name

College of Arts and Sciences



Major Advisor

Dr. Mark Kano

Second Advisor

Dr. Samantha Barnsfather

Third Advisor

Dr. Christy Wolfe


The intent of this thesis is to help those with Music Performance Anxiety, or anxiety in general, better understand their anxiety and its causes. They can then use this knowledge to reduce or control their symptoms in order to improve their performance, whether on a stage or in a classroom. One of the main symptoms of Music Performance Anxiety is constriction of the chest. It is one of the most debilitating symptoms to singers as it causes shortness of breath. Therefore, focusing on anxiety in relation to breathing will most benefit those with Music Performance Anxiety. In addition, learning about the causes and effects of Music Performance Anxiety may help performers with their stage fright whether it be just nervous jitters or debilitating anxiety.

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First performance

Senior Recital part 1 (1).mov (2283344 kB)
Final Performance. Begin at 23:10