Date of Project


Document Type

Honors Thesis

School Name

College of Arts and Sciences



Major Advisor

Lindsay Gargotto

Second Advisor

Michael LaRocco


The twenty-first century has successfully bred the notion that everyone who commits a morally reprehensible action is themselves a morally reprehensible individual with absolutely no redeeming factors. This notion, however, simply isn’t accurate as it is shown in not only some of the most popular media of the age but also some of the most famous crimes of the age that people who commit heinous actions aren’t always entirely heinous. With this thesis, I plan to make an argument that condemns judgement on the morality of individuals without knowing their full stories. Specifically, I plan to write a short story collection which will examine the career of a man named Stanley Kane who had to rely on finding the humanity of some of the most irredeemable individuals on the planet in order to maintain his life and his sanity. By writing this collection and drawing both comparisons and contrasts from my own work with some of the most famous discussions of antiheroes in fiction, I hope to provide an effective example that sufficiently argues why society’s lack of interest in the personal struggles of individuals causes much more tragedies than we’d like to admit.