Date of Project


Document Type

Honors Thesis

School Name

School of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences


Exercise Science

Major Advisor

Erin Wiedmar


Nutrition plays a critical role in the performance of an athlete. Although academic research surrounding the topic has increased, there is a disproportionate increase in materials created for the athletes themselves. Regarding competitive swimming, the scope of athlete-friendly instructional materials is even more limited. Therefore, there is an inherent disconnect between the academic research on the topic of competitive swimming nutrition and the athletes who need the information. The purpose of this project is to bridge the gap between the research and the content accessible for athletes themselves. Using an interpretive and simplistic approach, the available academic research was used to assemble a user-friendly guide to nutrition for swimmers. The suggested nutritional guidelines also provided the groundwork to create simple recipes that the target audience can utilize. Graphic design elements and artwork are used throughout the book to appeal to the audience and create a space where readers can learn about ideal nutrition during the competitive season.

HONR Book Final Draft - Wills, M.docx (6365 kB)
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