Review of Philippe Geneste, Humanisme et Lumière du Christ chez Henri de Lubac

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Book Review

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Journal of Jesuit Studies

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Henri de Lubac, S.J. (1896–1991) has been interpreted in various and highly contradictory ways, as a modernist, a theological conservative, a Thomist, a closet neo-Platonist, a proto-postmodern theologian, and as a post-liberal. Philippe Geneste interprets him in the only way plausible: as a Jesuit. Humanisme et Lumière du Christ chez Henri de Lubac was the doctoral thesis of Geneste, who died in an automobile accident in 2014. Jean-Pierre Wagner, Geneste’s doctoral advisor, edited the thesis for publication in the series Les études lubaciennes.The point of departure for this study is not what one might expect, a systematic analysis of the structure of human nature or the theology of natural desire for the supernatural in de Lubac’s work. Instead, Geneste approaches anthropology and Christology from a tradition of Christian humanism rooted in Ignatian spirituality.