Do Italian Men and Women View Authentic Leaders Differently?

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Journal of International Business Research

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W. Fielding Rubel School of Business


Department of Business Administration


The origins, nature, and value of leadership to organizations of all types have been explored in numerous academic business studies. Adding to the discussions - writers, poets, philosophers, historians, and military theoreticians have contributed their perspectives. A relatively recent development in this stream of inquiry has been the concept of the "authentic leader." Around the world there is an ongoing emergence of women as leaders. Whether assuming the responsibilities of leading organizations, social movements, or on a particular issue, women in these positions are becoming more common. In particular, Europe has witnessed the rise of women in politics, the arts, and business. Consequently, an examination of what constitutes an authentic leader generally, and specifically whether men and women view them differently, is worthwhile. The current study, exploratory in nature, examines the views of approximately 90 graduate business students at a major business school in Rome, Italy. While there is significant overlap between the genders concerning the traits of authentic leaders, personal contact and experience has led the two groups to identify different examples of those who exemplify the concept.